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Sports Injuries

The most common injuries for many young athletes occur from a sudden trauma or the overuse of a joint. Athletes are required to perform repetitive actions and intense workouts. This makes an athlete more prone to further damage if the injury is not treated correctly. Although, you do not have to be an athlete to suffer a sports injury.  For example, adults need exercise to maintain or improve their overall health. Misuse of equipment or incorrect mechanics could easily lead to injury. Significant steps for preventing a sports injury consist of conditioning the muscles that are needed to perform certain tasks and stretching to increase flexibility. In addition to strengthening and stretching, having the appropriate training and proper technique are the most important elements in preventing sports injuries. It is critical to work with trained professionals who are dedicated to making sure you are properly conditioned.

Common medical conditions that may benefit from a Sports Injury Rehabilitation include:

  Joint Replacements
   Overuse Injuries
  Should Injuries/Pain
  Knee Injuries/Pain
  Ankle Injuries/Pain